Top wellness tips from Senior Spa Director Sandie Johannessen

Living in the remote tropics of Seychelles, Senior Director of Spa Sandie Johannessen has been able to gain a new perspective when it comes to health and wellness.

“It doesn’t matter whether you live in a city centre or in a tropical island paradise, there are always ways to ensure your mind and body feel their best.”



Johannessen believes that it is often the simplest things in life that have the most impact and to demonstrate this, she shares here six of her favourite beauty and wellness rituals that can be practised anywhere in the world:


  • Drink lots of water:
    Beauty begins on the inside and starts with the substance that makes up more than 50 percent of the body, so it is important to stay hydrated. Women should drink up to two litres per day and men up to three litres. If it’s too challenging to drink only water, sugary drinks can be avoided by infusing water with ingredients such as watermelon, cucumber or lemongrass. Try natural infusions like the ones used in our hilltop Spa, or if possible, opt for pure coconut water – one of my favourites in Seychelles.


  • Cleanse your face thoroughly every evening:
    This is an important part of any daily routine, whether or not you have worn make-up. Your skin needs to rest during the night, just like your body. Once cleansed, apply a nourishing face cream or a night serum, so that it can take advantage of the evening down time to rejuvenate itself.


  • Treat your hair and scalp at least once a week:
    This is important for nourishment and one of the best treatments for this is a coconut oil wrap. Leave this in for one hour, or even overnight, to allow the nourishing and repairing properties of coconut oil to help hair glow. Try the Yi-King coconut oils that are made in Seychelles and that are used in the hilltop Spa’s signature Hilltop Fusion Massage.


  • Don’t neglect hands in the beauty regime:
    Hands work a lot! To ensure they are looked after, always have a hand cream on standby that nourishes the  skin without leaving your hands oily. Keep several nearby, with one on the night table, one in the office and one in your handbag for easy access at all times.


  • Use cooling and firming eye pads:
    The skin around the eye zone is one of the most delicate areas and needs special focus, as if not taken care of, it can develop fine lines or can make you look tired. Using eye pads or an eye mask helps to nourish and moisturise this delicate area, instantly making you look more refreshed and preventing the signs of ageing. For a special treat, try a Swiss Perfection Cellular Eye Contour Treatment as an add-on to your next facial or massage.


  • Find a sport or exercise that you enjoy:
    Keeping fit by doing something you enjoy can keep you feeling both mentally and physically strong and balanced. Finding even just a few moments in the day to connect with your body, either through sport, yoga or just some simple stretching, will contribute to your overall health and well-being.


For more wellness tips, you can find Sandie working at the hilltop Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.