Joburgs Darling-The Black Pearl Facial Is Worth More Than Gold!

Darlings, I’ve got amazing news … Crystal Clear in Rosebank is setting the bar in anti-aging with their Black Pearl products. I recently got to experience their 90-minute Gold Facial (yes that’s right … real gold was used to create this stunning experience) and it left my skin radiant for days! It even combines 27 rare minerals known to heal, moisturise and provide iridescence to the skin.

The experience is designed to bring complete relaxation to both the body and the mind within a short space of time (which is perfect for the busy Joburg girl, am I right?). The face is then cleansed with an antioxidant-enriched mousse infused with fresh melon and cucumber, a second cleanser is also applied, followed by a toner and a hyaluronic serum, which is gently applied to the face under steam. (I felt so relaxed, I almost didn’t want to get up again!)

Now for the exciting part … an anti-oxidant algae mud is massaged into the hands before the 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask is applied to the face. (Did you know that the anti-aging benefits of gold can be traced back 5 000 years to Cleopatra?). A collagen mask is also applied to the décolleté, otherwise known as the chest area. The skin is then massaged with precious Citrine … simply heavenly! A vitamin boost serum is also incorporated into the massage process before the gold mask is removed using natural magnetism, and then a rich eye cream and day cream are applied.

The process made my skin look and feel so good! The mask creates a subtle glow that lingers long after the treatment ends … it’s as if your skin has renewed life! Fine lines are even reduced and your skin feels almost healed and deeply nourished. The facial costs roughly R7 000, which I know sounds quite steep but, considering what it does for your skin, I believe it’s worth it! Just remember to call them for a quote or to book your facial.

Darlings, I definitely see another appointment in my future (maybe not the immediate future but I’ll definitely be back … I’m sure of it!).