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    1) Name 3 minerals that are found in the skincare range that are important in skin health?

    2) What is collagen and list 3 benefits collagen has on the skin

    3) Name 3 benefits HA has on the skin

    4) What are the other two unique ingredients in the Black Pearl range?

    5) What is the main advantage of Tahitian black pearl powder?

    6) What does Tahitian black pearl powder do for skin appearance?

    7) List 5 benefits that gold has on the skin?

    8) Explain 2 benefits of anti-oxidant on the skin

    9) Name 2 benefits that Dunaleilla Algae does for the skin

    10) Name 4 technologies that are found in Black Pearl products

    11) Are Black Pearl products alcohol and paraben free?

    12) What is the ph of the Black Pearl Mousse Cleanser?

    13) What is present in high concentrations in the Face Mousse Cleanser?

    14) Explain the dual advantage of the Pearl Peeling

    15) Name 2 benefits the Prestige G-Mask has on the skin

    16)Name 2 benefits of the Nourishing hand cream

    17) Name 3 benefits of the 24K Gold Mask

    18) Name 2 benefits of the 24K Supreme Night cream

    19) Name 2 benefits of the 24K Gold eye elixir

    20) Name 2 benefits of the 24K Gold Facial Serum

    21) Explain how you would apply and remove the Black Pearl Gravity Mud Mask

    22) Name the three special ingredients in the Black Pearl Prestige Capsules and when

    23) What is Citrine and give 2 properties it offers

    24) List 3 Black Pearl values

    25) List 10 Successful action to sell products

    26) What is a FEATURE

    27) What is an ADVANTAGE

    28) What is a BENEFIT

    29) What is your favourite product?